Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Repurposing With a Purpose

Repurposing means different things to different people. Crafters make old plates into cool yard art. Artists use some unusual things to create art.

Around here, we repurpose hot dog buns. Yes, that's right- hot dog buns !!

It's another one of those "too hot to cook" days meant the Chef and I needed something for dinner that wouldn't overheat the kitchen, not the pizza I've been daydreaming about for 3 days. So armed with a pound of ground beef and a package of hot dog, not hamburger buns, the Chef began his repurposing project and the result was fun and yummy.

Joe's Sliders

1 lb ground beef- use whatever kind you like, we use 80/20 for burgers
minced onion, garlic, hot or mild peppers to taste (dry versions are fine)
salt and pepper

Mix all and shape into small patties. Cook as desired, grill, George Foreman, broil, however you like your burgers. Joe cooked these in a skillet until medium/medium-well.

Serve burgers on hot dog buns cut in half, topped with your choice of toppings. We had cheese, k&m, chopped onion and sliced ghost chili dill pickles.

Joe served fresh Iowa sweet corn and a ghost chili dill on the side.

Fast and yummy dinner, and easy to change up according to your likes and dislikes.

Now that dinner is done, it's time to go outside in the oppressive heat and see how our garden is surviving in the 105 degree heat.

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