Monday, October 15, 2012

Operation Faux Olives, Part II

More than 3 weeks have passed. The jar has been in my sight every time I opened the refrigerator, tempting me. I wanted to taste them sooooo badly. I did after about a week and it has ACK awful. I felt a little disheartened, like my project was going to fail. I hate failing. I hate it when a recipe or a planned recipe flops on me. the case of Faux Olives, that was not going to be the ending of my story. They. Are. Awesome!! It's been just a hair over 3 weeks in the fridge and they are so delicious- they really DO taste like olives ! And they have the same texture and chewiness of a picholine olive but no pit!

They look so small in the glass but they are really typical
green olive size.
Of course, you can't have olives without a martini so tonight, with a lovely fire in the chiminea, the cool fall evening descending on us, the Chef and I enjoyed a wonderful cocktail by the fire, complete with Faux Olives!!

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