Sunday, January 20, 2013

Joe's goose is cooked !!!

So the Chef took his turn at cooking Canada goose breast and he opted for a totally different (and I freely admit) more successful approach. The crockpot !! And his flavor profile was entirely different too- more of a Cuban/South American slant, but not Mexican......

In the crockpot he layered the seasoned goose breast, rubbed with a good tablespoon or so meat rub (again 3 of them), peeled and cut up carrots, onion wedges, crushed hot pepper of choice, minced garlic, sun dried tomatoes, green beans, corn, 1 tb instant coffee granules, beef broth, about 1/3 can cola, a cup of dry red wine, put the on and lid and let it cook on low overnight.

Frozen and dried veggies from our own garden !!

The result was a rich and spicy stew-like dish with a complex blend of flavors. Goose is one of the leanest meats you can choose and all the veggies super loaded this dish with goodness. You could serve alongside rice but we opted not to. All the veggies were fulfilling enough !

So with more goose yet to be cooked........... I wonder what we will think of next ????

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