Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buenos Nachos!

Actually, this has nothing to do with nachos, really. I mean they ARE a menu item, but not what we were going for. It's a very rare treat for The Chef to have an extra night off, and we like to do something special, or entertaining. Sometimes a movie, sometimes a drive to the city to visit family or friends. 

Tonight we stayed close to home and enjoyed All You Can Eat Tacos at Stuart, Iowa's newest restaurant, Los Altos. If you're not from here you will have no idea about Los Altos. The original restaurant owned by Luis Huerta opened in Greenfield a little more than a year ago and like the family's other restaurants in Shenandoah, Glenwood, Osceola, as well as two locations in Nebraska, was a huge success. Here in poor little Stuart, we had just lost a longtime popular restaurant in town and were suffering from fast food fatigue. That happens when you're on an interstate exchange I suppose.

Anyway, back to Los Altos. 

If you are looking for chain restaurant, pre-made, packaged garbage like ChiChi's and On The Border, stay away. You won't find that here. This is the real deal, homemade food made by Mexican cooks that know their stuff. Everything, and I mean everything I have had on the menu, at both locations, has been absolutely delicious.

The Chef fancies himself a bit of a competitive eater. He hasn't entered any competitions yet but we just haven't found the right one. This one isn't going to be it either- but more on that later. Tuesday night is All You Can Eat Tacos for $5.99. These are not your skimpy Taco Bell tacos- these are REAL tacos, made with chicken or beef, crunchy corn tortillas or soft flour tortillas STUFFED with the most delicious fillings. Fresh lettuce and Manchego cheese top off that juicy beef filling. Filling is the key here- The Chef made it through a mere seven flour tacos. He asked our waiter what the most anyone has ever eaten on All You Can Eat night and he totally floored us with the answer- 30!! So, like I said, this record will not be challenged by The Chef!

Everything on the vast menu is so delicious and fresh. From fajitas to enchiladas to my very very favorite, Camarones Rancheros- bacon wrapped shrimp, served with grilled tomatoes, onions and peppers and sprinkled lightly with Manchego. To die for.

I have never had a bad or even a so-so meal at Los Altos. Every dish is fresh and homemade and authentic. No ChiChi's. No On The Border mass produced garbage. Real. Authentic. Mexican.

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