Monday, January 16, 2017

New Adventures Ahead- My First Brand Ambassadorship

Simple fries made spectacular with
rosemary olive oil and fresh rosemary.
Hey, it all started with a contest. A simple drawing. Comment under this picture and we will pick a winner. On Day 9, they chose me. My prize? A gourmet olive oil and seasoning blend with another to share with a friend. The company? Sinful Food, a company based in Utah that specializes in gourmet infused olive oils and a signature seasoning blend. Like I always do, upon receiving my prize I started playing in the kitchen, and sharing the results with company founder Chris Lee and Brand Ambassador Michaela Rosenthal. 

They took notice, and shortly after, Michaela and I began communicating about what it takes to become a brand ambassador and I began making lists of foods and brands I was partial to. At the same time, Chris was thanking me for sharing the dishes I'd made. Together they made me an offer I just could NOT resist- how would you like to come aboard as a junior brand ambassador and help represent the company? OF COURSE I WOULD!!!

Michaela's incredible short rib recipe
Guys, you have no idea how excited I am about this! Getting to work so closely with Michaela is going to be an education that cannot be valued. Michaela is a multi-time champion competitive cook, recipe developer, brand ambassador for several large national brands, and has appeared on Food Network. She has been to the World Food Championships and has a long list of accolades. Now I know what a young chef feels like getting to work with someone like Thomas Keller or Geoffrey Zakarian or Scott Conant! I feel that same way right now! 

Sinful Foccacia loaded with basil
Chris has so many great things planned for the company, including a line of coffees and gourmet chocolate. My brain has been in overload with ideas ever since being invited to join this fantastic team. I'm super excited for this opportunity, and I hope you will all join me in following this fantastic company on Facebook and on Instagram, supporting them by liking and commenting, and sampling their products. Michaela and I will give you lots of great recipe ideas!

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