Friday, July 22, 2011

Taking on yet another challenge !!

Welcome to Rockin' the Kitchen !! What started out as "my blog" on Facebook rapidly evolved into something that included both The Chef and myself in the posts and updates, and City Girl, Country Life didn't really fit the image anymore. Certainly not for The Chef, who has had to endure a little ribbing about being a "city girl". What we really want is a way to share our love of cooking, gardening, and just experiencing new things in our new surroundings with other people. The Chef has more than 20 years of experience in a variety of restaurants and is accomplished in many styles of cooking, everything from Greek to barbeque. He is a very talented musician, has played in a variety of bands from country to Christian as a drummer, bassist and guitarist. He likes classic rock, watching music documentaries and "bad taste" comedies like "Stepbrothers". Always a practical joker, never let him get ahold of your picture or you will find yourself in a faceinahole !!!  The Baker has never had a professional cooking job but is a pretty darn good self-taught baker who has even won cooking competitions ! She has an education in, and great appreciation for wine. She has adult children and 3 grandchildren. If she is in charge of music you could hear anything from Type O Negative to Slipknot to Lady Gaga. She likes vampire movies and collects Dracula figurines. Together we are starting a new life in a cute little house on a private lake with our crazy lifestyle- we call it "kinda like a fairy tale, but with beer".

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