Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting beat up by the Learning Curve

UGH !!! I need to get serious about the transformation from Facebook blog to REAL blog and really spend the time to learn how to do this. Not so easy when the garden is throwing tomatoes at us left and right and I've been trying to get serious about the job hunt. I've spent alot of time lately picking, washing, blanching, peeling, canning tomatoes, salsa, jams, jellies, pickles....... and no sign of letting up !! Herbs are producing huge bowlfuls every day. Hot peppers are starting to ripen more and more each day. I've amost run out of canning jars ! It's state fair week in Iowa, summer is on the way out the door, football season is kicking in and pretty soon it will be time to start cooking all those wonderful winter foods I love so much- roasts, turkey, soups, stews........ I can close my eyes and smell it already.

Now about this learning thing..... It's very frustrating to me, trying to get something new set up here, with our crummy and unreliable internet service out here in the the time I type something, or  copy it over from FB, add photos, preview (yep, looks great) then save and post it....... GOOD GAWD I go to look at it and the pics are all the wrong sizes, all over the place, overlapping, underlapping, just a nightmare. I find myself doing ALOT of going back and re-editing things. Because we live out in the country, we don't have access to a high speed internet provider or DSL, we rely on a mobile hotspot thru our cellphone provider, and while we almost always have connectivity, some days it's extremely slooooow, making uploading photos a very lengthy process. Days like this..... this City Girl really yearns for the hustle and bustle of city life, and all the convenience that comes with it.

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