Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

It's almost that time of the year.Turkey Day !! Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of all. Why? Well, lots of reasons. First, my birthday always seems to land on Thanksgiving weekend. Sometimes even on Thanksgiving Day ! Gotta love that ! Second, who wouldn't love the one day a year when EATING is the national pastime, not working out, obsessively counting points/calories and elastic pants are all the rage? And third, it's a chance to get together with people you love, be thankful, and NOT have to fall into the commercialized trap of buying expensive gifts (well, except for my birthday !! I kid....I kid....)

This year Thanksgiving is giving me a new set of challenges. Not only is my family divided by divorce, but yet still wants to do the "one big happy family holiday",  but now that I have a life with my Chef, his family and their traditions must find a place in our lives as well. So this year for the first time ever, we have two dinners to fit into one day.

And also new this year, I have been asked to provide dessert for the Chef's family's dinner. Ohhhhh....they have seen pictures from my pie-baking days for the restaurant earlier this year. That's what did it. So it's going to be a pumpkin pie and an apple cranberry pie with crumb topping for Thanksgiving Day at their home. And my family will be having their dinner at my son's house, and well, they grew up with me. They KNOW what to ask me to make. Cheesecake. So......lemon and orange cheesecake with raspberries is on the menu at their dinner. Yes, recipes will be coming. Pie baking starts tonight.

So, what are your family's traditions ? Favorite holidays ? Favorite foods ? And most importantly, what are you thankful for ?

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  1. I'm thankful for tons of things, mostly my family and that we have jobs and a home and that we live in a country that, although a mess, doesn't forbid alcohol or allow punishments like stoning and cutting off limbs. ;°]

    The only real tradition we have for thanks giving is trying to get together, but schedules make that difficult. This year, since my daughter will be sick of turkey and ham by the time we do our thanksgiving, we're just going to do a huge breakfast with biscuits, bacon, eggs, sausage, coffee, etc. Simple, yummy, and fun!