Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Comfort Food Memories

This morning I was invited to share a food memory and recipe on another Facebook food page. I have lots of wonderful memories of food with my family, many amazing dinners, in or out, and lots and lots of recipes I will never be able to recover because my grandmother took them with her to Heaven.

But in this case, I felt the best choice was my mother's pancakes. She was a simple German housewife, with the most basic of cooking ability to feed a family. Having grown up during and after WWII she lived in true poverty, sometimes surviving for a year off bags of dehydrated vegetables the Allies provided. I never saw her ever eat a sweet potato after living off them as a child. Same with corn. 

Anyway, I am going to share with you the post I shared with "Della Rose Living" on Facebook- My Mother's Pancakes

One of my favorite food memories is one that's come up a couple times this past week in various recipes and while there isn't a real "recipe" written down anywhere, it's easy enough to duplicate. My mother grew up very poor in post-war Germany and they had very little to eat. Meat once a week poor. Her mother made pancakes and later my mother made them for us (because for one thing she didn't know what "American " pancakes were)  and I loved them as a kid, my kids loved them then they were little- they would sometimes go to Gramma's house after school (when they were in high school) and ask her to make pancakes. Since I'm not a maple syrup fan much these are perfect- a little heavier than a crepe but not "cakey" like American pancakes and they don't soak up all the syrup. So, my late mother's amazing pancakes (amounts approximately)

2 cups flour
2 eggs
milk (enough to make a pourable batter like white sauce/gravy)

Cooked just like regular pancakes, served with butter and syrup, this is THE comfort food for me. Now that she's gone when I really am having a crap day and need a hug from my mom, I'll make pancakes........and remember her.


  1. We made these this morning and added some chocolate chips. They were so good!

    1. They are kinda crepe-y aren't they ? They are one of my favorite things of my best memories......