Friday, December 14, 2012

It's a Party !!!!!

Writing my little bitty blog has been a big part of my life the last year or so. And with that goes City Girl, Country Life on Facebook- where it all began !

And now FINALLY !!!!! City Girl has reached that MAGIC NUMBER, a milestone that at one time seemed near-impossible. 2000 Fans !! Yes, today, December 14, 2012, that milestone was achieved !!!

I remember the first 100. Boy, I thought I hit the big time. 100 people were reading my little posts and looking at my pictures !! But as time grew and that number grew, it became 200, then 500, then 1000 !!!

I've had the number go up and down, people leave Facebook or they got tired of my summer filled with canning, or they just got bored and dumped a bunch of pages they didn't pay much attention to. That's ok. That's life- we all do, right ?

Then I started making friends ! Real people- men and women with interests just like mine ! Trading info and recipes and ideas- getting to know people just like we were neighbors. Even the occasional celebrity !!

So here we are today. 2000 fans. Definitely time for a party, but instead of me getting all the gifts, one of YOU loyal followers is going to win, as my way to thank you for your support, your friendship and your incredible ability to help me stay focused on enjoying this blog and Facebook page, and enjoying my friendships with all of you.

What am I giving away ???   How about PRIZES !!!!

And how do you win ? In the comments below tell me who you are and how you found City Girl or Rockin The Kitchen and what keeps you interested and keeps you coming back. That's all. We will draw a random name and announce a winner on the "City Girl,Country Life" Facebook page on Friday, December 21. So simple !!!!!!

So good luck to all of you and have a very happy and safe holiday season !!


  1. Hi sweet pea. We met through FB, not sure where though. You became a great friend, foodie lover, great recipe sharer, great great friend and always know how to make me laugh :) I love your blog and you!

  2. Gosh I cant remember how I found u, just that I love ur blog. Love canning, dehydrating. This page thank you

  3. Hey Monica! I found your City Girl, Country Life page on FB, but we met and became friends through the Lounge. Congrats on 2000 FB LIKES. Great feeling isn't it? Thanks for the awesome giveaway <3

  4. Congrats on 2000!!! Hi,I'm Susan from Mom's Recipe Collection
    found you on

  5. Hi! I found you through Hun, What's for Dinner? My name is Ginny and my goal is to live a country life too! Congrats on 2k.

  6. I found you through Business Among Mom's, when you won one of my giveaways. We started chatting and I have been looking at your blog ever since! Congrats on hitting 2k likes! That is amazing. Thanks for the giveaway.