Saturday, May 17, 2014

Foodie Field Trip- Early Morning Harvest

Tucked away in the countryside of Panora in Guthrie County, Iowa, is a very unique and special kind of -farm- Early Morning Harvest. This family-owned farm is an aquaponics farm, not your typical Iowa farm at all!! They are much more than just an aquaponics farm too.

What do they grow there? Lots of things! Fresh vegetables of all kinds is just the beginning. Certified organic grains and grain products such as flour, cereals and even granola, are offered for sale year round. Free range chickens provide eggs, and grass fed beef offer a better alternative to store-bought eggs and beef. They also have honey, fresh herbs, and tilapia- sold live. It's a very unique way to buy local and organic.

Every week the farm sends out an email containing a list of what's available that week and how much is available. What a great way to serve their customers! I think it's vitally important to our local communities and small businesses to support them by buying local and buying fresh. That's especially important in an area like I live in- rural communities that are far from any huge supermarkets. We need good choices, fresh foods, and supporting a sustainable local business is something I can really get behind. They also sell products at local farmers markets and from the farm.

You can also learn more about Early Morning Harvest by reading this recent article from Seedstock. And if you visit their website, you will find loads of pictures of the aquaponics equipment, the free range chickens, and much more. Check it out, and believe me, it's worth the drive to Panora.

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