Saturday, May 24, 2014

No ammo needed for this hunt!

Every spring Iowans all over lose their minds, and their sense of direction, wandering the woods and hillsides, climbing over dead logs and muddy creeks with their minds fixated on their prey. They stalk through the trees, eyes scanning like lazers, searching.....searching. Part of the time it's turkey season, but no one seems to have a gun. What in the world are they looking for?


Yes, the elusive morel mushroom. That springtime delight that can be quite hard to track down. They are finicky little buggers- they need the right kind of spring, the right amount of rain and the right temperatures and if you're lucky and have a spot other people don't know about already, you just might find a few handfuls, or a few bagfuls!

Morels are a very delicious mushroom and can be used in so many different ways. Michelin star chefs use them in amazing and complex dishes. Your everyday guy breads and fries them. They can be stuffed, sauteed, frozen or dehydrated. Sauteed in butter and served alongside a tender, juicy steak, they are absolutely fantastic. I have been dreaming for three springs now about the perfect recipe for a blog post. Sadly, I think this spring has come and gone with again, no morels for me. Maybe next year!

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  1. Not a great year for morels in my part of the country. Only picked two in my corner of Wisconsin, but when I crossed over to Iowa I found enough for a meal. Sure would have liked a few more!