Monday, September 12, 2011

The Chef sure is a FUNGI !!!

We ventured back to the city today, for a little dose of civilization and a chance to stop in the local gourmet grocery store and restock our olive bowl. Once again, I felt like I was in a house full of mousetraps and my name is Minnie Mouse. Sooooo many choices. Yes to the olives. *snap* Yes to the peppadews. *snap* Yes to the baguette. *snap* Yes to the fresh mozzarella. *snap* Yes to the Rustico cheese and Windsor Red cheese. You get the idea......

We browse the produce section, marvel over the price of some things ($7.99 a pound for sugar snap peas) and the rareness of others (purple green beans) when I turn the cart and my eyes lay upon something so unique, so amazing, soooo "like" the Chef and I.......

Now, I have to tell you, the Chef is usually a very frugal shopper. I have champagne taste but he is a very rational shopper whereas I jump up and down and squeal with delight over a $235 Le Creuset dutch oven. HOWEVER......the idea of growing his own mushrooms changes the man. Almost in unison we say "OHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOW" and into the cart it goes *snap*.

So we hurry home with our new project, rip it open and find a rather unattractive cube of......stuff.

Hmmm....the instructions say the mushrooms grow in recycled coffee grounds, but this does not even resemble coffee to me. Should be interesting !! The instructions say to cut an X in the front of the plastic and soak the whole thing overnight in cold water, then take it out, drain off the water and replace in the package with the front cut out.

We are supposed to mist this every day, twice a day and in a week we will have pearl oyster mushrooms. Should be interesting.......already we're searching for spores to buy online, and other ways we can expand our mushroom growing project into something big !!

So at the end of the day.......the trip to the city was worth it. We might have spent too much on olives (often the ONLY reason I go to this store) and I didn't even get a fancy cake from the bakery, but we have a new way to bring a little of our garden inside, so as fall approaches, we won't be too bored.

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