Thursday, September 22, 2011

He said, she said

When it comes to pizza EVERYONE has an opinion, and a favorite. Nowhere on earth is this more true than at our little lake house, where HE says thick crust and loaded with toppings, and SHE says super thick crunchy crust and minimal toppings. Tonight we decided to go with a dual pizza dinner and here are the luscious results !!

First, we will go with He Says. The Chef makes alot of pizza around here (and sorry, if I overload you with pizza pics's what we do !!) and today he was at it again. After making the dough and letting it rise once, I divided the dough and we set off on our own projects.

The Chef's pizza was his traditional recipe red sauce with a splash of white wine added and simmered til thick. The used the round pizza stone and kept his dough a little on the thicker side, not as thick as the deep dish from last week, but more like a "hand tossed" style. Sauce, cheese, mushrooms and loads of fresh veggies from the garden topped it off.

A quick spin thru a very hot oven and the Chef's pizza was done.

Look at all that cheese !!!!! And just think, all the veggies were added on top of the cheese- they melt and meld and become part of the cheesy awesomeness.

And now.......She says.......I prefer a completely different style of pizza, and I don't get to make it very often. So today I decided to go with a super thin and crispy crust, NO red sauce, just a drizzle of olive oil, sliced tomatoes from the garden and sliced fresh mozzarella.

I sprinkled the top with a chiffonade of fresh basil from the garden BEFORE baking because I like it when the oil and the basil get together and the basil turns into this spicy, licorice-y, crispy topping. If you like yours fresh and green, add it after baking.

You'll notice I didn't go with the pizza stone because #1 the Chef wanted it for his pizza and #2 I think the metal sheet pans I have give a nice crispy finish to the crust. And I sometimes like the weird shape of a non-round pizza.

The tomatoes practically melted into the crust, so sweet and yummy, the cheese was milky and smooth and slightly browned in places, the basil crisped just like I like it........yum.......

So there you have it...... our version of  he says, she says. What a delicious argument !!!

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