Saturday, September 3, 2011

Call the FIRE DEPARTMENT !!!!! My mouth is on fire !!!

The first cool rainy fallish day of the season has inspired The Chef to do some creating in the kitchen, and since we have a nice collection of hot peppers.....that's where his imagination started it's creation !!

The Chef's Melt Your Face Off Pasta

In a small saute pan combine a good swirl of olive oil, 2 tb butter, one clove garlic, chopped, 2 banana peppers, one habanero pepper, one dried chipotle, crumbled, a good pinch of cayenne pepper flakes, dash of chili powder, big pinch of chives, salt, cracked black pepper, a dash of red wine vinegar, and  2 diced tomatoes (he also threw in a few cherry tomatoes but that's not necessary). Cook gently until the tomatoes "melt" and break down.

Cook pasta of your choice (he used spaghetti)- not a whole lot, just enough for 2 small servings. Drain and toss hot pasta with sauce and serve with parmesan cheese if desired.

This sauce was VERY VERY hot and spicy !!!! Serve it with a nice chunk of bread for swiping up the last bits of the spicy, buttery sauce. You won't regret it !!

Amazingly hot as this sauce was, it did not contain any ghost chiles or trinidad scoprions. We still have a healthy "fear" of these peppers and haven't quite figured out how we want to use them- I'm thinking a super super hot wing sauce or barbeque sauce. We did taste test a raw ghost chile and it was........not fun. We haven't tested the trinidads yet. Haven't worked up the courage.......but we will !! It's football season and that means HOT WING SEASON !!!

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