Monday, October 17, 2011

Goodbye Garden Days

It's over.........and I'm not all that unhappy about it..... I'm talking about gardening season of course. Today is the Official End of Joe and Monica's Garden- the furnace was switched on. Frost in the forecast. Temps in the 30s. The Chef actually speaking the words "I'm actually a little tomato-ed out".

I knew today would be the day when I first opened my eyes this morning. And could see MY BREATH. Someone forgot to shut the window in the Man Cave. Brrrrrrrrr........ I'm not sure what the low was last night but it was mighty chilly in the house !!

My summer of leisure is also coming to a close. It's back to work for me starting next Monday and I'm more than ready for it. Having a summer off is nice in some ways, pretty boring in others, and downright stressful in yet others. But I'm thankful for all that I acomplished over those months, the jars of tomatoes, pickles and jams lining the cupboard shelves, and all those dried herbs and hot peppers. I'm looking forward to cooking some wonderful winter foods in the coming months and sharing with everyone.

I wonder what a winter in the country will be like ?? ..............

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