Monday, October 24, 2011

A Tale of Two Moscatos

You've undoubtedly heard me say many times, I am not a moscato drinker. Generally. Usually. But after finding the two wines that I've been looking for for some time, Lulu B and FlipFlop, loving the pinot grigios and rieslings by both wineries, and seeing that they both also have a moscato, I just had to break down and try them. I shouldn't say I don't like it if I don't try it, right ??

FlipFlop Moscato 2010 is a nice little "girl wine". By girl wine, I mean a nice beginner wine. No tannins whatsoever, pretty sweet, and very fruity, it's a nice wine to sit and drink a big glass of. It reminds me of summer, sitting on the patio in a nice warm breeze. While it's not a wine I would typically choose, it was a pleasant wine and a very good buy at about $6. It has an alcohol level of 9.5% which is pretty "warm" for a moscato- but I think that was something that helped me like it more. Not that I have to have a high alcohol wine, but what I mean is, the higher the alcohol, the less sweet the wine.

Lulu B Moscato (nonvintage) is more up my alley. Ya, ya, I know it's still a moscato but it's a little more acidic and a little more like a sweeter riesling- which is my favorite of all grapes. Most people prefer moscato served very chilled but I let this come to cool room temperature and liked it much more than ice cold. It seemed to hide the sweetness better and brought the fruit more forward. It was a little higher in alcohol than the FlopFlop, at 10.5%, and that also made it seem more like a riesling. Like the FlipFlop, I have been searching for Lulu B for a couple years- I had it at a wine tasting and didn't buy a bottle, figured I could grab it later and then didn't find any for a long long time. It's also a very inexpensive wine, right around $6 a bottle.

I think next on the agenda, I'll look for some nice big reds- it's that time of year after all. Time to say goodbye to the light summer whites for a few months and dive into a big juicy cabernet !!!

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