Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some people just can't take a day off

Talk about workaholics !!!!   Joe just can't NOT be a chef on his day off. I guess it's in his DNA. And oh poor me, having to suffer *wink wink*

Today I am going to tell you about Joe's amazing Sunday dinner in a little bit different format than before. Many of these components have already been shared with you so get to scrolling and check out ALL the deliciousness in between, rather than telling a little story and then posting the recipes. Anyway, starting with the basics, Joe made up a big batch of venison meatballs and got those baking off in the oven. Then he got to work on his fresh tomato sauce- diced tomatoes, tomato paste, a little water, couple handfuls of the frozen cherry tomatoes and the weird little golf ball tomatoes you get from volunteer tomato plants that revert back to their original non-hybrid form from the garden (we keep big bags in the freezer for use all year), garlic, herbs and let that simmer for a while.

Since I had been to the Amish farm and we had a table full of gypsy peppers, Joe thought a nice little saute/side of sauteed peppers and tomatoes would go nicely, so he got that going as well.

We had a giant zucchini. I mean giant. The kind most people use for baking, but not us. We have been cutting off chunks and having sauteed fresh veggies all week- with onions, mushrooms, just by the bowlful for a snack or even an omelet. But we still had a good 8 inch long chunk, so Joe halved it lengthwise, scooped it out and stuffed it with Italian sausage, smothered with mozzarella and mushrooms and popped that bad boy in the oven.

Meatballs out, sent off to swim in that tomato saucy goodness for a while, and Joe gets some water going for pasta and pops some garlicky, buttery ciabatta rolls in the oven to brown and crisp. We considered making a salad but.......why ??

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