Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rain, rain DON'T go away !!!

We needed the rain- for alot of reasons !! Our yard and garden got a good long drink courtesy of Mother Nature rather than Xenia Rural Water and The Chef and I got to spend an afternoon sequestered in the house. We needed it :)

Of course, the trade off is we now have to endure a few more mid-90s days with high humidity (yuck) and surely, more vegetables !! We have been eating so many veggies and salads around here I'm starting to get the urge to wiggle my nose and hide Easter eggs. The Chef has been throwing together big bowls of fantastic chopped fresh veggies (different kinds of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumber, even fresh green beans) with olives and feta cheese and red wine vinegar and oil dressing and it's sooooo delicious. He decided to throw a veggie pizza in the oven for dinner tonight and after I made the dough he made his version of a Chicago-style deep dish pizza with the cheese on the bottom and sauce and toppings on top. Delicious isn't even the right word !!! It was SINFULLY yummy. We didn't take any pics and didn't note any recipe since, well, when I make dough I eyeball everything- dump in flour til it looks like enough, eyeball a palmfull of yeast, sugar, herbs, add warm water til the dough is soft and kneads easily. After it rises to his liking, the Chef takes over and does his magic- this time using up some sauce we had stashed in the freezer for just such an occasion, fresh mushrooms and green olives finished it off.

So now that the evening is winding down I'm thinking about tomorrow, and the hot days ahead, the yard work that needs to be done (ugh), the moutain of vegetables that surely will appear upon the kitchen counter again (we've been steadily whittling away at that.....), the worries that life throws our way I'm even more thankful for even just one small day in our cozy little coccoon.......

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