Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Restaurant Review: Eating With the Undead

Who doesn't enjoy a little soylent green for lunch ??  If you're lucky enough to have an "inside connection" and scored a Friends and Family pass to Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, YOU probably do !!

What in the world is a Zombie Burger ?? Well, its a quarter pound "George's Grind" burger, smashed, served as a single, "Double Tap" or triple, with a CRAZY assortment of toppings and buns, along with some very creative zombie-themed names- such as the "They're Coming To Get You Barbara" burger, and if you get the meaning behind the name, you definitely will enjoy Zombie Burger.

My daughter, grandson, my chef and I arrived right before noon and got seated right below a very tasteful piece of art.

The restaurant is located in a brand new building in the East Village but the decor is "deconstructed" and pretty cool.

So what about the burgers ?? They were excellent !!! Crazy combos and things like grilled cheese sandwiches doubling as buns, it's not a health food joint by any means. I had the Planet Terror- quarter pound beef patty, cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, barbeque sauce and fried ranch dressing (yep, frozen balls of ranch, breaded and fried- they ooze when you bite into them) and some really good onion rings for my side.

My Chef had the Raygun Burger - triple !!! so he had 3 quarter pound patties, cheese, fried jalapenos, bacon, and guacamole.

My daughter had the Dead Moines Burger- burger, smoked gouda, ham and garlic mayo.

My grandson had a great big cheeseburger !!! No crazy combo for him but even the plain burger looked delish. The appetizers all had clever names and the salads are referred to as Soylent Greens (again, if you get the hidden meaning, you'll definitely think this is a cool place). We didn't try any but the Drink Lab features grown up spiked milkshakes and cocktails of all kinds, including a wild Bloody Mary that arrived at the table garnished with an radish "eyeball" and prosciutto "flesh". The drink itself had some secret ingredients to turn it into black zombie blood. I'm no Bloody Mary fan so I didn't try it. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab opens after they host a zombie street party which I'm sure will be amazing fun. We will definitely be back to try more of the crazy undead burgers !!

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