Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another Day, Another Vegetable, and Another Recipe

It's that time of year, when the garden is going into overload, giving us bowls full of beautiful tomatoes, crunchy hot peppers and green beans just when I thought the plants were on their way out. Sweet corn season is about over here in Iowa, and after about 8 dozen ears of corn, I'm ok with that.

 Today I managed to get 5 bags of beans blanched and in the freezer and did a little inventory of jars and lids- I have 9 small lids and 5 wide mouth jars with lids so it's either going to be 14 pints of something or 8 quarts and 6 pints. Unless, of course, I somehow manage to come up with more jars....... Looking at the pile of tomatoes on the counter, I'm thinking GALLONS might be in order (if only we could home can gallons !!!) I think we are pretty well stocked on "sun dried" tomatoes with 2 great big jars full. I've done many dozen trays of herbs (and those plants show no signs of slowing down either !!). I really wish I could have gotten my hands on some plums. I found a great recipe for asian plum sauce that would have been a marvelous thing to have on hand. And I've managed to save a couple jelly jars so when the hot hot hot peppers are all ready I can whip up some super hot pepper sauce- I've been poring over recipes like crazy !! Burn your face off hot wings might just happen this football season.

Now.......let's talk about dinner. With such an impressive amount of fresh veggies on hand we're eating some of the best and freshest meals we've ever cooked ! Tonight The Chef whipped up a simple fresh tomato sauce, tossed with some pasta and baked, alongside a fresh salad- get the details below. I didn't take a picture unfortunately !! This recipe is very flexible- you can go vegetarian or even vegan if you want to, or add meat and make it a more substantial dish. This is the perfect light summer pasta dish.
3-4 fresh tomatoes, any variety (The Chef used Lemon Boy and Rutgers from the garden)
1 cup fresh cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes, any variety
2 tb olive oil
4 or 5 fresh mushrooms, sliced
big pinch oregano- 1-2 tsp or so
1 tb chopped garlic
1/4 large onion, finely chopped (can use dried onion or sliced green onion if desired)
cracked black pepper
1/2 lb pasta, something cavatelli-like (The Chef used medium shells)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
Cut up tomatoes, thoroughly wash and rinse cherry tomatoes. In large skillet heat the oil, saute the garlic ad onion briefly until softened but not browned. Add mushrooms,  stir. Stir in tomatoes, cook until tomatoes break down slightly and become juicy. Cherry tomato skins may pop. Add oregano and freshly cracked black pepper. Meanwhile, cook pasta al dente, drain and toss with tomato sauce. Divide between 2 individual baking dishes, cover with shredded cheese. Bake in 350-375 degree oven until browned and bubby.
*** Note- The Chef added a handful of pepperoni slices when tossing the pasta with the sauce. You could use sliced cooked Italian sausage if desired.

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