Sunday, September 9, 2012

Settling into fall

Tomorrow is the FIRST Football Sunday of 2012. It's also the Chef's day off. Which means COOKING. The canning marathon is pretty much done for the year. I may do a few more tomatoes if I come across some, I may not. I might try potatoes on a boring weekend day. I might not. But for the most part, I'm ready to put everything away for now and just enjoy some fall weather.

Soon the leaves with be changing, cool nights will keep us chilled, a first fire in the chiminea will happen, and before long those cold, windy, blustery wall days will whisk our leaves away and send the garden to it's demise. I won't be too heartbroken about that either. It's been a terrible year for gardening. The excessive heat and drought conditions made it nearly impossible to keep things alive. Thank God for the Amish farm up the highway with their pick-your-own produce or we might be in dire straights in the middle of the winter.

A drive around our lake today showed some very sad sights. The water level at the main boat dock is probably 5 feet lower than it should be. There are places you can walk across the lake without getting your shorts wet, it's become so shallow. We need not only rain but a pretty significant snowfall to bring the water level back to where it should be. The oppressive heat kept the fishing poor this year. Just hasn't been a very good summer this year.

So as we're winding down the summer and looking forward to fall, it's time to reflect on things we're thankful for. I have much to be thankful for. I have the most incredible, caring and generous children any mother could ask for. They have spouses and partners who are just more kids as far as I'm concerned- and just as loving and kind. I have 3 amazing grandchildren that are growing too fast !! I have a caring father and sister I can't imagine living without. My friends are the best friends any person could ask for. My job is amazing. My furkids are wonderful and so much a part of our family. I have a roof over my head and food in my cupboard. We have a military that keeps us safe from terrorism and protects our rights, with such personal sacrifice most people can't imagine. Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and I try to be thankful all year long and not just one day.

And with that, I'll say goodnight and God bless all of you and with you many years of happiness and prosperity and love.

The Baker and The Chef

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